New Electromagnetism V5 (NEV5 or NE5)

NEV5 is the fourth Ethereal Mechanics paper (EM04) and is derived from the Pretonic Field in Electrogravity (EM03). 


New Electromagnetism Version 5 (NEV5) is derived from the Pretonic Fields in the paper Electrogravity (EM03).   NEV5 is comprised of an Inertial Force, an Electric Force and a Magnetic Force. These components are also called "Fields" which a misnomer because they are all derivatives of the Pretonic Field. NEV5 is derived using Vortrix Algebra which expresses vector products more completely than legacy vector algebra, which allows for the inverse operation (Vector Divide).   The Electric Force Model Supersedes Coulomb's "Law", The Magnetic Force Model Supersedes all prior magnetic models (from both Legacy and NEV3/4).  The Inertial Force model is mathematically identical to New Induction which began New Electromagnetism over 20 years ago and supersedes Faraday's "Law" from classical Electromagnetism (see Foundation series in the links below).           

In this paper (EM04) and associated video series, NEV5 is applied to real world experiments to demonstrate its suitability and accuracy.  This paper focuses predominantly on the Magnetic Force and the Electric Force.     

The Inertial Force Model (A.K.A New Induction) is introduced with some new material. The bulk of the discussion of the Inertial Force is already covered in the relevant papers and video series from NEV3 which are found in the links below. 


This is a continuation of the History of New Electromagnetism which begins with NEV3 (New Electromagnetism V3). After the successful demonstration of the superiority of New Induction (Inertia Force) over classical theory in 2007 (see Graduate Thesis Link below), I set out to complete the unification between gravity and electromagnetism. There were many false ends; but one common problem arose, a need for a means to divide vectors. I spent the next few years developing what is now Vortrix Algebra. The next step was to derive the new form of Electromagnetism using VA. I spent months and could not reconcile any VA derived models for all the known experiments. Did some soul searching and realized that the main difference between Legacy Vector Algebra and Vortrix Algebra involved rotations. So I developed rotating magnet Experiments (My Patreon folks have seen all this) and thats where the models mismatched. I identified an effect known as "2 Omega" and corrected the simulation software to account for the "2 Omega" effects and everything matched perfectly. But I was confused because I believed that the simulation software was configured with NEV3 which should not have been able to couple to these rotational effects. What I discovered is known as the "Happy Accident." The software was still configured with one of the six experimental VA field models that I was considering before. And it just happened to be the one that gets everything right. This is now NEV5.


New Electromagnetism V5 Paper

A PDF containing NE V5.

Open NEV5.pdf

New Induction Applications (Volume 1) Paper

A PDF containing New Induction Applications

Open NIA1.pdf

Graduate Thesis Paper

Application of the Inertial Force Model (New Induction) to computation of printed circuit board traces inductances to include 1 and 2 ground plane effects. The most accurate and comprehensive treatment of this subject in the world.

Open neThesis.pdf

Foundation Video Series

A video series showing the evolution of NE (previous version) including experimental results. The development of New Induction as well as the discussion of the unification of the forces and the ether (in the later videos) are still relevant.

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