Electrogravity (EG)

Electrogravity is the Third Ethereal Mechanics Paper (EM03). 


Electrogravity is the Nexus of Ethereal Mechanics. Electrogravity demonstrate how Matter and the Forces of Nature are derived from Ether (Ethonics) and Precursory Matter (Pretonics). The forces of Nature include the Magnetic force, the Electric force, the Inertial force and Gravity (Gravitic field and Gravitic force). The follow-on paper New Electromagnetism V5 demonstrates the application of the Inertial, Magnetic and Electric forces to real world applications along with experimental corroboration of their utility. The follow-on paper Cosmology developes the Large Scale Ether Model and demonstrates the behavor of Planetary Systems, Black Holes, Galaxies and beyond.

Included Below

Below you will find the link to the PDF, followed by links to YouTube videos. The videos dramatize the content of the paper (perhaps not to the same level of detail). The videos may contain information not found in the paper such as improved explanations, alternative visualizations, animations and in some cases new developments (authorized for release) that did not make it to the paper (Example: Speculation about the shape of the Preton in second or third video).  


A PDF containing Electrogravity.

Open Electrogravity V1.0 pdf

EM03_00: Introduction

Overview of Electrogravity and Ethereal Mechanics


EM03_01: Matter, Ether and Foundatonal concepts

Foundational Concepts to build upon


EM03_02: Pretonics, Magnetism, Inertia

Introduction to Pretonics and the derivataion of Inertia and Magnetism from the model of matter


EM03_03: Gravity and Matter

Derivation of Em Gravity equation and derivation of G from the Model of matter


EM03_03 B: Gravity Addendum

Gravity is a force after all; FTL announcement


EM03_04: Electricity

Derivation of Electricity from the Pretonic Forces


Vortrix Algebra

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New Electromagnetism V5

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Foundation Video Series

A video series showing the evolution of NE (previous version) including experimental results. The development of New Induction as well as the discussion of the unification of the forces and the ether (in the later vidoes) are still relevant.

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