About The Logo

The painting is an art school copy of a Picasso that was handed down to me from my Grandparants. Julie is the name of the student that painted it (inscribed in the lower right). To distinguish this painting from the Picasso which is named "Jacqueline with Flowers" we simply just call this one Julie, after the artist. Julie has become my effigy of Mother Nature.



It was common to train artists by having them copy works of great masters. Julie is an art school copy of a painting by Pablo Picasso of his wife Jacqueline. The title is "Jacqueline with Flowers" painted in 1954. A picture of the real Picasso is shown below for comparison.

Image result for picasso jacqueline with flowers

I find that Julie has a more attractive face and is more bewitching because she is looking at you instead of to the left.


The appropriate effigy of mother nature; a strong woman with a regal/commanding presence emphasized by broad shoulders, long neck and short hair. The flesh and blood equivalent of Julie is Linda Evangelista as captured by the great photographer Peter Lindbergh






The Witch At the Top of the Stairs

A cute story about Julie that I will make a video of later

Just Found out

I always thought that Julie had broad shoulders ( the red) and that she had turned her head to look to the side. And that her gloves were draped over her shoulder. It turns out that the gloves are actually her arms and that her entire body is facing to the side. see following